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Western Cable Corporation
August 15, 2018

Subject:  California Proposition 65 and Western Cable Corporation

Dear Valued Customer,
In November 1986, California approved a referendum initiative (“Proposition 65 or Prop 65”) that no one shall introduce into the drinking water of the State of California any substance that may cause reproductive or carcinogenic toxicity.  The State Legislature followed with the enactment of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Sections 25249.5-25249.13 of the California Health and Safety Code).  The law has since expanded requiring consumer products sold in the state of California to have warning labels cautioning consumers about the dangers from exposures to toxic chemicals. 
Our products may contain chemical constituents of PVC, PP, PU, PE, TFE, PTFE, Kynar, Kapton, and more, that are listed under Prop 65.  However, because our products are infrequently handled and are generally not readily accessible within the final product(s) sold to consumers, our products are likely exempt from Prop 65 labeling requirements. Based on a Consent Judgment Settlement Agreement (San Francisco Superior Court Cases 312962 and 320342), it was agreed that “Cords and Covered Products”, which because of their size, weight or function, are infrequently handled therefore are exempt. Examples of infrequently handled cords in the Consent Judgment are: building wire, printer cables, riser/plenum cable, speaker wire, telecom data cable, telecom power cable, telephone power and data cords, thermostat cable, utility cable, signal cable, power control/instrumentation cable, utility wire and cable.  Also exempt are cords and power supplies that are internal components of products that are not normally accessible to consumer during ordinary use.  Western Cable Corporation believes if the product supplied to our customers meets the exempt criteria then our product is deemed exempt from the above mentioned regulation.
The information provided in the Product Disclosure, and the identification of materials listed as Reportable under Prop 65, is correct to the best of Western Cable’s knowledge, information and belief.  The information provided is designed only as a general guide for regulatory information pertaining to Prop 65.  It is not to be considered a warranty or quality specification.  Customers are responsible for determining the applicability of specific laws and regulations based on the individual for deter mining the applicability of specific laws and regulations based on the individual usage of our products.

Jim Morrison
CEO Western Cable Corporation